Why Do We Need to Cleanse Arteries?

posted on 28 Feb 2017 12:47 by fullofhealth in Health

Atherosclerosis has become one of the leading causes of heart attack, peripheral artery disease and vascular dementia. There are so many people suffering from atherosclerosis who die suddenly and unexpectedly during their most productive period of life. In the United States alone, atherosclerosis causes over 870,000 deaths every year that is about 2,400 people dying every day – more than all forms of cancer combined; an average of one death every 39 seconds.

Over 80 million – one in three Americans – live with some forms of cardiovascular disease or are at risk developing cardiovascular disease. According to World Health Organization, this dreadful disease has remained the prime cause of death around the world over the past decade, killing over million people every year.


How to Eradicate the Risk of Atherosclerosis –

Contrary to standard medicine, individuals at risk or already affected by atherosclerosis can stop the progression of this life-threatening and serious condition nutritionally, that is with help of CLAREVASA. This unique nutritional formula for arterial health can help you to reduce the need for surgery and/or widely prescribed medications that basically alleviate the symptoms of atherosclerosis and only slow down its progression.

Although a worldwide and difficult-to-control medical condition has been proclaimed incurable, it can be controlled and avoided through the nutritional arterial cleanse. So, take action and begin cleansing your arteries before it’s too late.

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