Health Tips to Prevent Atherosclerosis

posted on 09 Apr 2016 13:52 by fullofhealth

Your good heart has an enemy named as atherosclerosis. It occurs when our blood vessels harden after fat, calcium and cholesterol build up inside them. It decreases our body blood flow and increases the risk of stroke, heart diseases and other severe health conditions. This disease usually causes no symptoms until middle or older age (especially age over 40). Once the narrowing of blood vessels becomes severe, it restricts blood pain and cause serious pain.


What you can do to stay away from atherosclerosis?

Healthy Diet

Your first step to prevent atherosclerosis is to follow a healthy diet chart. Eat food items that are low in cholesterol and saturated fat. Reduce the amount of eggs, meat, milk and other dairy products in your diet. Check the food label of the product to find the amount of saturated fat in that product. Add fresh fruits, green vegetables, lean meat, fish and whole grain foods (Oats and Whole wheat) to your daily food chart. Use vegetable oils such as canola oil and olive oil instead of saturated fats like butter.

Daily Exercise

Exercise is another key factor to stop atherosclerosis. Regularly perform plenty of exercise. Aerobic exercise reduces the amount of blood fat and cholesterol inside body which ultimately lowers your chances of atherosclerosis. Don’t work out like a bodybuilder, start slowly and work up to 40 minutes- 1 hour for 2 times daily. Take your doctor’s advice about your exercise program to know what kinds of exercises are right for you.

Say “NO” to Smoking

Regular smoking damages our artery walls which causes atherosclerosis. It also increases the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes which also leads us to atherosclerosis. That’s why QUIT SMOKING. Talk with your doctor for medications and other programs to help quitting smoke.

Regular Checkups and Diabetes

Research says that people who have diabetes develop atherosclerosis more quickly than others. If you have diabetes, then get regular checkups to know your blood sugar level, cholesterol level and blood pressure. All these factors play a critical role to increase or decrease atherosclerosis.

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